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die Astroid Version 2.5.20 steht ab sofort als Download zu Verfügung. Oder sie machen das Update automatisch über die Joomla Update Funktion.

Astroid 2.5.20 läuft ohne Probleme mit PHP 7.4/8.0/8.1 und Joomla 4.2 sofern das Template die Version 1.3.9 hat

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Version 2.5.20 - August 23st, 2022
Add feature configure Open Graph Visibility
Fix Internal Server Error when fresh install
Fix deprecated issue with Joomla 3

Version 2.5.19 - August 23st, 2022
Add typography style for Mobile Menu
Add Article preset function
Update meta og:image tag display
Update Astroid Partner Link
Fix issue query part is not set
Fix issue with loadForm() when save article on front-end
Fix issue declare astroidInstallScript class on Joomla 4.2
Fix language missing in multi-language menu
Fix issue mod_login in J4.2
Fix Astroid link
Fix readtime issue
Fix issue Deprecation behavior:modal in Joomla 4
Fix issue Alert message can't close - Frontend Edit
Fix known deprecated issues in PHP 8.1

Update Sidebar Mobile style
Update Overlay Color description language
Update Web Manifest Description Language.
Fix issue Open Graph does not display property
Fix issue javascript preview when change typography
Fix error 404 load Cassiopeia & Update v2.5.18
Fix issue when load from old Preset system

Version 2.5.17 - May 17st, 2022
Add new header style - Divided Logo Left
Fix issue Accessibility Check is not working
Fix W3C error when when loading Awesome internally
Fix issue Margin Top on Search component
Fix issue Author image missing alt attribute

Version 2.5.16 - April 20st, 2022
Add feature load Bootstrap JS from Astroid core on Joomla 4
Update Menu Item Badge Style
Update style for Horizontal Header
Update canvas position for Horizontal Header
Update Off Canvas Language
Fix issue smooth-scroll in sidebar layout.
Fix issue style "ml" -> "ms" on Bootstrap 5
Fix issue get property language from non-object of Astroid Menu

Version 2.5.15 - March 1st, 2022
Add Gradient Angle feature
Fix tooltip issue in Bootstrap 5
Fix PHP >= 8.1 Warning
Update language file

Version 2.5.14 - February 11st, 2022
[added] Add feature enable/disable Social Profile
[update] Update FontAwesome v6.0.0
[update] Update Astroid Clear Cache Permission
[fixed] Fix issue when font-size is zero
[fixed] Fix Link Class menu item does not work
[fixed] Fix PHP >= 8.1 Warning: Passing null to parameter of type string is deprecated

Version 2.5.13 - January 21st, 2022
[new feature] Add clear all Astroid cache to Joomla Admin
[new feature] Add getForm() function to $form object
[improve] Update language file.

Version 2.5.12 - January 6th, 2022
[new feature] Add feature load inline CSS. Loading via inline would help speed up your website and improve CSS delivery. 
[new feature] Add feature enable/disable logo link. 
[new feature] Add feature load jQuery from Joomla Core instead of Astroid
[new feature] Add feature enable/disable badge in Sticky Menu.
[improve] Improve Menu Badge style
[improve] Update language file.
[fixbug] Fix issue when template.xml is not exists. 
[fixbug] Fix error 500 Library path when Uninstall package.
[fixbug] Fix issue fontawesome is not disabled when option is switch off
[fixbug] Fix issue Joomla font-awesome does not work.
[fixbug] Fix issue in Front-end module and article edit.
[fixbug] Fix issue Edit button style in front-end
[fixbug] Fix issue Favicon wrong url
[fixbug] Fix issue exif module is not installed

Version 2.5.11 - December 6th, 2021
[update] Use Bootstrap from Joomla 4 Core
[improve] Improve favicon feature support Apple Touch & Manifest
[improve] Update language file.
[fixbug] Fix issue conflict style with Regular Lab Library
[fixbug] Fix warning Array to string conversion of SCSS library

Version 2.5.10 - November 24th, 2021
[new feature] Add Background Image Overlay option for element.
[fixbug] Fix issue multi-condition does not work in Popup element.php configure
[fixbug] Fix issue cannot select article, category in menu
[fixbug] Fix issue can not create menu in Joomla 3
[fixbug] Fix issue order-undefined error in Order option.
[improve] Correct Element XML configure
[improve] Update language file.

Version 2.5.9 - November 18th, 2021
[fixbug] Fix issue theme-width does not work
[fixbug] Fix Popover JS issue.
[fixbug] Fix animate wrong display
[fixbug] Fix issue not is_file of LazyLoad.php
[improve] Improve Megamenu white space
[improve] Add Bootstrap Bundle JS Library
[improve] Add Banner CTA Button for Banner Block
[update] Update AngularJS v1.8.2

Version 2.5.8 - November 11th, 2021
[fixbug] Fix hideonxxl is missing.
[fixbug] Fix blog column not work on Featured Article view on One and Zero Template
[improve] Add Theme-Width option
[improve] Improve Social col style. Add trigger onBeforeAstroidTemplateFormLoad & onAfterAstroidTemplateFormLoad
[improve] Improve Responsive Stacked Divided header
[improve] Improve Contact Info style & Off-canvas RTL style 
[improve] Add font-size option for Heading on Category Blog Layout

Version 2.5.7 - November 5th, 2021
[fixbug] Fix issue missing .form-group of Zero and One Template with BS5
[improve] Add Text Logo Typography.

Version 2.5.6 - November 4th, 2021
[fixbug] Fix logo sticky disappear in xxl screen
[improve] Improve Social Style
[improve] Fix Pagination Buttons in mobile run out of screen and Add float-left, float-right class 

Version 2.5.5 - November 2nd, 2021
[update] Migrate to Bootstrap 5
[update] Update Social layout
[update] Update Blog post type
[update] Update Astroid Information
[add] Add Stacked Center Balance header
[add] Add Column Order in Responsive layout
[add] Add Color option for Back to top icon
[fixbug] Fix PHP warning when Itemid is null
[fixbug] Fix PHP warning when system redirect to admin login
[fixbug] Fix 404 error when load cassiopeia/css/vendor/fontawesome-free/fontawesome.min.css
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